About Flexible Training

FLEXIBLE TRAINING is a privately owned training organisation, operating in Queensland and Northern Territory offering short courses to assist in streamlining your business and provide staff with Essential Business Skills to help improve performance and profitability.

FLEXIBLE TRAINING will help meet your business needs. An assessment of your training needs will define the gap between current performance and the desired performance of your staff. Skilled employees will provide the essential support that contributes to the Australian economy.

FLEXIBLE TRAINING is committed to integrating access and equity principles within all our services. We offer our clients opportunities to achieve positive learning outcomes.

We recognise the rights of our clients and provide information, advice and support that are consistent with our core business values of integrity and quality.

We recognise that regardless of cultural background, gender, sexuality and disability or age, everyone has the right to study in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

Mission Statement

To instil skills and knowledge to the inquiring mind within an environment of learning.


To create and assist with the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to accommodate the changing conditions and trends. We pride ourselves in supplying quality and professional training to all persons who wish to improve their performance.


We are a team of qualified professionals with experience in the business environment, ensuring our clients receive quality service and support.

The following extract has been taken from Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA)¹

“The demand for skills and knowledge in Australia is being re-shaped by changes in technology, increasing regulations and compliance requirements, industry and occupational convergence, and increasing completion in global markets. Individuals need to enter the workforce with high levels of skills and knowledge and to have the capacity for ongoing learning and skills acquisition. Industries are important contributors to the Australian economy and require specific technical and occupational skills for their effective operation”.

Our range of services will ensure your staff gains the required skills and knowledge to suit their industry requirements.

¹ Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) Strategic Directions 2008-2010 document. (IBSA is one of 11 authorised Industry Skills Councils, and is Australia’s official voice on skills and training for industries underpinning the innovation economy)

Flexible Training
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